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Awards & Award Categories 

The award categories at the Behavioral Health Recognition Dinner encompass a vast array of services provided throughout San Diego County. Forms are released to the community early in the year to solicit nominations for the awards below.  

Please note that the Behavioral Health Recognition Dinner Committee has no role in determination of winners. A group of readers is solicited representing the demographics of San Diego County to ensure fairness of the nomination forms.

Stay tuned for the nomination forms!


Administrative Support Staff can be an individual within clerical, medical records, technical or information services support for example.

Case Manager can be an individual acting in a case manager role regardless of title

Clinician includes physicians, social workers, psychologists, therapists and nurses

First Responder recognizes the role of law enforcement, fire fighters, and paramedics

Manager refers to a Program Manager or Director, Program or Service Administrator not involved in direct care

Media is a more recent category including print, radio or television reporting which presents an accurate, compassionate and dignified view of behavioral health issues

Outpatient Services focuses on a staff member providing direct care in settings that could include day treatment, partial hospitalization, or clinics

24-Hour Treatment Facility recognizes any program or staff member providing direct care to children, adults, or older adults in a 24-hour treatment facility

Self-Help highlights clubhouse staff, consumers or advocates for self-help programs and/or a self-help program

Service Support includes home aides, housekeepers, maintenance workers, transportation, and security staff

Housing awards staff or facilities, such as supportive housing, independent living, residential care facilities, group or foster homes, transitional housing, or from housing coalitions

Vocational or Educational Support focuses on a staff or program, including peer and family educators, job coaches, etc.

Volunteer recognizes an adult, older adult, transitional age youth or children’s behavioral health program

Behavioral Health Person of the Year nominee is a critical award and the individual nominated may represent adult, older adult, transitional age youth or children’s behavioral health services, and the clients, families, or the community at large. They may be nominated for their collective body of work. This award highlights a large and longstanding contribution to improving the behavioral health services offered throughout San Diego County.

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